Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Making A Difference

There are people who live their lives and make it easy to do things that make a difference, and there are those who find it the greatest challenge of all, to make even the smallest amount of contribution to any worthy cause.

We all have a desire to do something in our lives to make a difference in order that we might be able to say we were involved in the game of life.

Do what it is that you can do to make that difference.  It may be a kind word, a gift of some sort or just a smile to someone who needs it at that moment.

Recently I even felt like maybe I wasn't making a difference in the lives of people in my life and it took a good friend to remind me that people are being blessed by my efforts.

Know in your heart that your life IS making a difference and continue to be a blessing to the people in your life. All of you certainly are making a difference in mine. Thank you for that.

Have a great day!

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