Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pondering TheThoughts

Thoughts are things. When you decide to ponder a thought what you are really saying to the universe is "This is what I want". So when you ponder thoughts make sure you are thinking of things you desire in your life absolutely.

The Divine Law brings to us all that we can imagine. Take time to Imagine what it is you truly want. I mean really concentrate on what you desire to that very end and watch it manifest itself in real time for you.

You are the architect of your world. God has given you choice over challenges. If pondering will get you what you want, Try to keep these thoughts of good things in your mind and mostly in your heart.

Heart felt thoughts always bring good things back to you. Remember to think in terms of loving others; give back love and see what happens. live inside bliss and you can not fail.

Have a great day!!

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