Friday, August 13, 2010

The Divine Law

Welcome back to all that missed me while I was on hiatus.  Lots of things have transpired since then and I am ready to get started on sharing more about the divine law.  First let me say, please feel free to submit information and/or writings of your own that would stimulate this environment with more knowledge, wisdom and understanding about the Law of Attraction and how it works for you.
For those new to this blog, we are here to uplift the promotion of self improvement by acknowledging  the fact that GOD has given us all the freedom of choice and with that choice comes the freedom to either obey his word  [The Holy Bible]or not. I plan to submit the guidelines in writing so we all understand the rules.... but let's have fun with expression and knowledge, that is the main idea.
That being said, we are not here to discuss politics or religion; but here to derive from experience and “his” word the answer to all truths through the learned knowledge of attraction.   I plan to make daily installments that it might help everyone stay focused every single day.   Each day will express a topic of the day that should stimulate discussion. 
Anyone wishing to join me in developing this “club” should email me at I am open for all kinds of involvement. 
Thank you.  
Mychal Simonz
Founder  & Administrator of the official blog of “The Divine Laws “

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