Saturday, August 21, 2010

The "How" is up to GOD

Follow your heart! Follow your dreams!! Make plans! Consult GOD about your desires and you will discover that all that is good inside of you was placed there by GOD.   When you get the idea in your head to do something positive, act on it now!

Don't doubt, Don't wait. ACT!! Sometimes you will find yourself trying to figure out "How" to do it. "How" to complete it. But at these times you need to shift your thinking to visualizing to outcome of your goal.  "How" you're going to accomplish the goal should not be your concern.

Your concern is to focus on your desire and the accomplished fact.  The "HOW" is up to GOD! He will direct everything you need to you ( if you trust him and "Believe" remember).

Have a great day and remember to "Always Give GOD the glory!"

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