Friday, August 27, 2010

Never fight against.....

In the world which we live, we see so many instances of people fighting against this and that.  When attempting to face challenges, we naturally think to fight against our opposition.  We want to stamp it out! Obliterate it! Permanently eliminate it!
These feelings are understood, however that fact of the matter is, if you want to truly eliminate the circumstance, don't fight against it.  by doing so you only "create" more of what you are fighting against.   More hunger, more discord, more lack.   The way to truly rid yourself of life's negatives is to place your focus on what you want to see as a result.  Place your speech, mind and desire on what you want to see as an end result.

If you want to stamp out hunger then place our mind of people having enough to eat.  If you want to see less sickness, focus on seeing people living in optimum health.  Never join an anti-war rally --- Join the Pro Peace rally!
Have a wonderful day!

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