Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Magic of Believing

Believing is the center of all things made possible.   When we believe we are simply saying to GOD "I trust your word".  Knowing that GOD Is.... simply amazing in itself.  But when you BELIEVE his word as truth. There is something that happens on the inside.

As you experience the challenges of life, know that your level of belief is what brings you through the rough times.  For years there has been religious debate about what to believe and what not to believe, but I say today when you take the time to study and know for yourself what GOD says about belief then it takes on a whole new meaning and perspective.

LOL I'm reminded of my grandmother who use to say "I double dawg dare ya to try him". LOL What she was saying was that I dare you to try GOD and see that he is true to his word. I thank her and echo her words now.   The Divine Law is straight from GOD's Word. But its great to know the source of it!   Make the most of your day and remember to have faith and you'll experience the magic of believing.

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