Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Faith & Belief

Faith & Belief go hand in hand.  but they are sometimes used as interchangeable.  When you believe something you are in a state of true and authentic awareness of truth without being swayed to think otherwise.  However Faith, is when you are ready to act without seeing evidence. 

When you say you have faith that a particular outcome is to come; you are saying "My belief is so strong that I don't have to see evidence of it coming or not coming I know "IT IS".
Feeling something in your mind and yet Know in your heart of hearts that this "thing" is REAL then you have it.

"It" will manifest! It's a true statement but it is still a law.  That "law" is what I am referring to.  The Law Of Attraction.  You can Attract what it is that you want. 
When you exercise that in Real Time; as I like to call it, Then you are exercising REAL FAITH!!

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  1. I am still exercising it, Mychal. Hope all is well, my friend.