Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Inner Man

Inner strength, Inner joy, Inner Vision.... They all play a big part of being able to "see" what it is your minds' eye desires.  Everyone has an inner man.  Be it man, woman .... child.

It's the inner man that craves; that wants.  Be true to your inner man.  It is not vain to desire.  It is not selfish to desire.  It is the way we communicate with the universe, the almighty..... GOD!

We have been given a gift of "choice".  We are the only beings that are able to reason and speak that reason into a physical reality.  But insects are able to act on desire; and so are animals. So what makes us different?  We have an inner man.

One who is able to tap into GOD and communicate, and able to receive a  response directly from GOD in manifested physical reality.   So trust your inner man.  It is your direct connection to the true reality you seek.
Have a great day!!

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