Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Than Just "Positive Thinking" Believe!!!!

Mychal age 10
When I was a very little boy, my mother had already passed on and I was always fantasizing about  moving to far away places and  dreaming of one day making records in Los Angeles, California.  

I played records by all the top recording artists of the time; and there were some greats in the bunch. One day I made up my mind I was gonna go to California and produce hit records.  I was about 10 yrs old then; and by the time I was 20 yrs old, I was standing on California soil in San Diego.  

I said all that to say it's more than just "Positive Thinking" if you have a definite goal in your 'MIND"; and  you truly "BELIEVE" in your heart you will do it... then you WILL accomplish your goal. YOU WILL DO IT!!  If a little 10 year old boy can do it. You surely can! GET IN THERE AND WIN!!!!

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