Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The Gift of Intention

Intention is how we thrust thoughts, ideas and desires into reality.  The way the divine law works; If we think of a thing and  really contemplate it with earnest intention, then we get to see it come to pass.
In other posts I have mentioned the process of achieving goals and desires but none of those things will work effectively if you don't "Intend" it.  Intention carries with it the insurmountable feeling and belief that the object of the goal is not only possible, but certain.
Think of your desire and see yourself doing it, having it and you will see it in your hands.  Be it money, a job, a perfect mate... etc. You will see your minds end.  Enjoy the gift of Intention and have a great day!


  1. Food for thought for today -- lately things have been a little cloudy, so this came right on time. Thx, Mychal

  2. Wow! Great words to place into your life. Intricately place them into existance is what I hear you saying...think it, belive it, BE it. Thanks Mychal. This is true motivation.

  3. You are welcome Rashelle be sure to join, Ok?