Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Joy of The Giver

Giving is such a gift! When we give in an honest spirit, we bless ourselves greatly in the process.  And as we give the blessings of giving seem to bless us far greater in time than we care to acknowledge.

Test it in your life.  You will discover a new kind of joy that comes over you like you've never seen before.  The true sense of making someone else feel cared about or appreciated is enough to walk with pride.  But knowing that you not only pleased that person, you have also pleased the father, the maker... The creator of All.

Give.... and you will also receive; but don't  make the sad mistake of doing it to please others or try to gain favor from GOD. When you give it's like savoring the taste of a fine wine. You get to see the benefits of sharing for years. Do it from your heart and enjoy The Joy Of The Giver!!

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