Friday, September 3, 2010

Medicine For The Soul

When I speak of the divine law, some think I am against modern medicine as a means of getting physically well; as a means of enjoying optimum health.  That is not entirely true.  As The Divine Law states "As within so without".  We are the product of what we have thought.  All that we are is but a measure of what we are thinking or have thought about.

When we experience health challenges, we are also being challenged to reach deeper into ourselves for faith and/or belief that a greater good is to come as a result of it.  Never negate the prospect of a medical suggestion as a means of temporarily keeping a particular illness at bay; in order to buy time for the body to receive its inner cure.

Take the necessary precautions to experience optimum health and continue to see yourself healthy; walk in that belief and you will see the equivalent positive outcome.  Have a great day, and always!

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