Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time is... When Time Is !

I love time! To me time is one of the worlds most interesting gifts.  It moves on and yet it's never yesterday, never tomorrow as we are known to reference from time to time.  But it is always "now". As we examine our lives we always find a way to make reference to a particular time. 

We look at time.  We consider it.  We ponder it.   And some even take it for granted and waste it.  But Time is our most valuable commodity.  It's the very thing  we can't get back.  So utilize your time wisely. 

For a wise man/woman knows that making use of time can place you in positions you never thought possible.  Be mindful of time! Use it to make the most of your goals.  I personally live by the credo: carpe' diem - Which simply means "Seize the day".

Have a great day - Seize The Day

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