Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thinking creates

As we take time to acknowledge our intended goals, let us meditate on the fact that "thinking creates" Any thought that can be thought is a creative movement toward some sort of material potentiality. 

As these thoughts are woven into creation, the very energy that drives its direction of movement is one in the same in that "It Creates".  Manifestation is only the outcome of the energy once thought.

Nepolean Hill said "Think and Grow".... Thus the reason for growth is the invisible factor of thinking. Mind is the storehouse of thought and all potentialities. All this, is the way to truth and truth is therefore evidence of pure thought.
Make your life an extraordinary representation of your thoughts.... Think good things and good things come... Think Great Things and Great Things Come!! There are no limits.... Think!! Believe!! Enjoy!

Have a great day!!

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